This Norwegian IKEA Commercial Will Have You in Stitches

This may very well be one of the strangest video productions you have ever seen! When the woman in the video comes home from a hard day at work, she throws off her trench coat and grabs her pitchfork. When you see what is waiting for her behind the couch, you may not know quite how to react. The piggie man is a little weird, a little funny, and a whole lotta’ creepy! This is the kind of commercial that makes you wonder what IKEA was thinking!

If you love strange commercials, don’t miss out on this rare gem! IKEA is known for its wacky, sometimes irreverent, commercials and it is clear this goes right in line with their goals.


Will this commercial make you want to purchase furniture from IKEA? Maybe. If nothing else, you will get a good laugh! Check out this crazy Norwegian IKEA commercial and, if you dare, Please SHARE on Facebook for others to get a good laugh.

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