Not every animal is what you think


This video is completely in a different language, as are the comments that are posted below it, and many of which are done in different languages making it difficult to translate. When you translate the text you get a better sense of what is going on, but based on just watching the video it appears as if this goose is very happy to see the owners.

In fact, if you didn’t know it was a goose you might think it was a dog with the way it runs right up to the owner and gives him a hug. Cooped inside a chicken cage this goose is surrounded by chickens and seems to be the only goose in the place. But he has no trouble giving a little bit of love to the man who owns the place.

When you translate the main heading under the video you realize that it is Russian and tells how the goose managed to escape the New Year’s table with his affections. That happens to be one lucky goose and an affectionate owner that had to settle for something else on the dinner table. If you happen to like the video than, please SHARE on Facebook for everyone else to see.

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