If Not the Most, Peaches is Currently One of the Most Talked About Cockatoos in the Globe


Whenever a video about an animal performing a cute action hits YouTube, it tends to acquire numerous of views in just a short period of time–such is the case of this video which has already acquired almost 250,000 views in less than 5 days.

In this video, you will see a cockatoo that goes by the cute name of Peaches. This cockatoo seems to have heard a lot of television shows were couples are constantly arguing, because he or she is mimicking a couple arguing. It is quite hilarious.

Peaches can be seen standing on a play-stand, not so many feet away from a man who is sitting in a sofa. This man is clearly enjoying what his pet is doing. Peaches loves the attention that the camera is giving toward his or her direction.

This video shows that just like humans, animals also like their fifteen minutes of fame every now and then. If not the most, Peaches is currently one of the most talked about cockatoos in the globe.