If You Have Not Seen the Crying Indian Commercial, Now Is Your Chance!


This commercial first aired in 1971 as an ad campaign for Keep America Beautiful. This touching video shows the commercial in its full length so you can enjoy every moment. If you have never seen this classic commercial, now is your opportunity! Unfortunately, most people never paid attention to the crying Indian and America is still being trashed. This video seems to put it all into perspective but will new generations listen better than the old ones?

This video has stood for years as a reminder of how we need to care for the Earth and stop polluting it and trashing it. The Earth’s beauty needs to be here for future generations but as the Indian cries, you will wonder if that is possible. There is no way you can watch this video without feeling something deep in your soul! After you have watched this touching ad campaign, Please SHARE on Facebook to once again raise awareness of the cause.

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