Nothing is impossible… This Dog Says It All!


Ever had one of those days that you felt that you wanted a canine friend, one that would stick by you unconditionally? ‘til when one has had a relationship with an animal, part of one’s soul remains unawakened, thus, the need for man to have a companion pars that of an animal that, too, desires companionship.

Hence, we have an obligation to them, keep them safe in return.

All of us need a friend and as seen in this video, the animal rescue has come to a whole new level. I mean, what’s the point of bringing a dog to prison?

Inmates, too, need a friend and thanks to this program they provide a home for stray dogs and a friend to those who need them most, inmates. Bringing in a dog to prison is like giving inmates a taste of freedom. They undergo training with dogs, giving them a chance to love unconditional to the point that bad habits were abolished. Their lives had a complete turnaround with this program.

Dogs can become someone’s lifeline to many. Who’d have thought of the connection between dogs and inmates? It’s true that not all dogs can be that friendly at all times, it’s how we treat them, the way we build patience and confidence towards them. That’s the way of living, even we human beings we need to treat each other in a way that we don’t create animosity amongst ourselves.

Nothing is impossible, we can change our ways of thinking, especially with the way we treat our canine friends.

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