Now, A Texas Man Deposits Over 500 Pounds of Pennies in A Bank!


With time, coins lose value. A one penny coin isn’t worth today what it was a hundred years back. However, while most of us have switched on to using bigger notes, and do not necessarily have anything below $1 in our pockets, some still do.

This video talks about a 81 year old Texas man who has saved as much as 500 pounds or $816 of Pennies in banks. If you’re wondering how many years it took for him to achieve that feat, it’s around 65 years, and he had been saving his pennies from the time when he was around seventeen years old. It all started when Ira Keys was told by his father to save money, so the Texas man decided to save all the pennies he possibly could.

This development comes at a time when the World has mostly moved to digital currency and the sight of so many pennies being deposited is quite an interesting one. The bank weighed all the pennies in am chine to know its weight. Ira Keys, had the bank employees in a tizzy who spent over an hour to count the 81,000 odd pennies himself. And interesting, Keys only brought a part of his Pennies collection, as Keys told in an interview that he had loads more of them in his home to build a room divider and have pennies in them. We wonder how many.

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