Nurse Sings Encouraging Gospel Song to a Young Woman in the Hospital


Ruby is a young woman who has gone through quite a health ordeal. First, she was diagnosed with a stroke and a rare blood disorder and then things went much worse. Through open heart surgery and a lengthy hospital stay, this young woman is slowly recovering and wants to be home to take care of her children. In this video, you will witness the beautiful song one of the nurses sang for Ruby as she was lying in her hospital bed. This video will easily bring you to tears but will remind you God never leaves you!

This nurse knew Ruby was discouraged about her journey towards health and she wanted to give her a little surprise that would touch her heart and keep her encouraged. The beautiful song she sings will encourage you, no matter what you may be going through in life. After you have watched this beautiful video, Please SHARE on Facebook so everyone can enjoy it.

Carlton Lee Pitts