Observing the Activities of Two Women Over the Age of Ninety


People have certain ideas of what to expect from people who are over the age of ninety. Many people are going to think that they’re extremely proper and that they’ll avoid swearing. Some people are going to think that they will still use antiquated speech patterns. The idea that two women who are ninety-six and one hundred and one years old could be outspoken basketball fans will prove to be unexpected for a lot of people, but that’s what they’ll see in this video.

This video is largely anecdotal, but people will still get a sense of the personalities of the elderly women that are featured here. The fact that they manage to defy most stereotypes of the elderly, particularly elderly women, makes this a particularly enjoyable and touching video. Many people on Facebook will find this video interesting, and many of them may find that some of their ideas about elderly people will be challenged along the way.