Old Lady Prank Shocks Victims as They See Her Burying Her Dead Husband


Watching a prank video brings a smile to your face, no matter your mood. This video is no exception as we meet an old lady who is busy creating a beautiful flower garden. This idyllic scene shows her asking passersby to help her with her wheelbarrow. As each volunteer reaches the old lady’s garden, they are met with a shocking surprise that leaves most of them speechless and makes some of them want to run away.

This old lady has committed a dastardly deed and buried her dead husband in her flower garden. As the unsuspecting victims see his shoes in the dirt, they quickly put two and two together and realize what the old lady has done. Finally, she tells each one of them they are being filmed and this is simply a funny prank! It is hilarious to watch the looks of shock and even fear cross their faces. Enjoy this prank video and Please SHARE on Facebook so everyone can smile today!