Olympic Athlete Usain Bolt Has Fun With Unsuspecting People


Usain Bolt is the fastest human that has ever been timed in the world. This Jamaican Olympic sprinter won three gold medals in the Olympics and is one of the most insanely fast sprinters you have ever seen! In this video, he is out and about, surprising unsuspecting people with fun and excitement. This video shows what a lively and fun spirit this Olympic athlete has so you will not want to miss a minute!

In this video, he darts in front of people, makes his trademark pose and even crashes the performance of a band! It seems he surprised everyone that day with his sprinting skills and fun personality! Each person that encountered him was thrilled with the experience and will likely never forget it. After you watch this fun video, do not forget to honor this amazing athlete. Please SHARE on Facebook so the world can see Usain Bolt out of his element.

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