One More Chance


Every year around January, unwanted horse foals start pouring into the Last Chance Corral in Ohio. They’re basically byproducts of the racing industry, cast away so their mothers can give their care to specially bred foals that will win money. If it weren’t for Vanessa Gross and her corral, most of them would end up dead.

Thankfully, she’s been in in the horse saving business since she was thirteen years old. This video shows that she truly cares about the animals and struggles to do her best to give them the help that they don’t get from anybody else. It’s stressful and brutal work–when the ranch gets a call for a new foal to pick up, they need to get there within twelve hours or it’s chances of survival are slim to none. However, there is a silver lining: their mortality rate has been at a low 4% for the past six years.

Even better, just this year, it dropped down to 3.5%. It doesn’t seem like much, but every foal saved is one that will grow into a powerful horse.

Though the Last Chance Corral has been doing well at rescuing these foals and giving them proper care and homes, because of the bad economy, they’re facing tough times. Horse raising is expensive business; the demand being placed on them is too high and they just don’t have the supply of workers and resources to take all of the foals in. They don’t have the funds to hire many workers and everyone else that comes to help are volunteers, more unwilling than not.

To help out, consider donating to the Last Chance Corral, and then share this video on Facebook so others can do the same.