Oprah Sheds Tens Of Years Off A Couple’s Look With A Haircut


Some people get their hair touched up every month, some people every four. But for this couple on Oprah’s couple makeover show, there’s no way of telling when the last time they saw the inside of a barbershop was. Seeing these two is like stepping into a time machine, in the days when Helix and ZZ Top were calling the fashion shots.

It’s so bad, in fact, the woman’s friends hadn’t seen her once without a bun, with hair unchanging since the 80s. Oprah’s transformation of these two is phenomenal, shedding tens of years off of their look with a simple hair cut. What does this tell us? In the words of Oprah, if you haven’t reevaluated your hairstyle in the last 2 years, now is probably a good time to do it! Like this video?

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