Last week, an abandoned brown and white bull was found outside a woman’s home in Orlando, Florida. The bull was muzzled and tied to a tree by a leash. He ended up with a note written on the floor.

“I’m going to California to be with my mom and brother during this pandemic. Please take care of Lincoln or find him in a good home. I trust you with my baby. I’m sorry.”

The woman realized Lincoln belonged to her neighbor. She took him inside her home and immediately called The Pittie Party of Central Florida (TPPCF) for help.

Mason Jones, a TPPCF volunteer, came to bring Lincoln to the center. However, the abandoned dog seemed to have missed his family and did not want to leave. “He looked a little confused and had been looking around the yard for a while,” Jones told The Dodo. “But [he] finally settled down and played with me and seemed happy.”

Lincoln now lives with a foster family, where he is looked after and loved by his adoptive parents. Once approved for adoption, he will look for someone willing to give him the forever home he deserves.

“He’s a big hippo,” Jones said. “Just a very nice guy in general. “He loves balls and all kinds of toys he can chew on,” Jones said. “He is very affectionate. He loves people – men, women and children – and he is not upright at all.”

Lincoln’s story is not unique because there are a lot of abandoned dogs in Florida. The coronavirus pandemic is causing shelters to be overcrowded, so there are not enough foster families and volunteers at many shelters and rescues.

We are in a crisis situation with the number of people who have abandoned their dogs due to unemployment and uncertainty as to what lies ahead, ”TPPCF wrote on Facebook. Shelters are forced to kill dogs at a devastating rate. People abandon their dogs in the streets after many shelters have refused entry to their dogs ”.

Petty Party Central Florida particularly welcomes inquiries from those interested in animal adoption. Please contact the TPPCF if you are interested in adopting a Lincoln or other pet.

h/t: Dodo

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