Owner Attempts To Pose Four Dogs And A Cat For Christmas Photo

They say animals can be just like children sometimes and this video proves that to be true. As this patient owner is trying to keep all of her furry little ones in place for the photo, it becomes quite comical. As soon as she gets them all in place and ready, it seems one will move and she has to start all over. This is a lot of work but will surely be worth it once the perfect picture is taken.

Trying to get four dogs and a cat together for a photo is a massive undertaking. These cuties are all dressed up for Christmas and look incredibly adorable. If only they would sit still and allow their owner to pose them so she can have the perfect Christmas picture to pass out to friends and family. This video is sure to make you laugh out loud as you see the antics that occur. Watch to the end to see if they are ever able to take the picture. Please SHARE on Facebook so others can enjoy.

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