Owner Left Her Home, Camera Captured Proof That Cats Can Miss Their Owners


Many puppy owners say that cats will never be attached to their owners as dogs are. Cats are labeled as manipulators who exploit their owners for food and never show their gratitude.

That this is not really the case is evidenced by a video clip that landed online last year!

A cat owner named Jasmin set up a security camera in her home as she went for a short walk with a dog and left her cat alone at home. Jasmin was interested in what the cat was doing in her absence, and when she saw the video, her heart broke.

Her cat patiently waited for her at the front door, repeatedly calling her owner with very touching meows.

That’s how Jasmin learned that the cat really likes her. Look at the scene that made think all those who say cats don’t value their owners!

Source: Klipland