Owner Tricks Dog With Snake Skin And Scares Him In Hilarious Way!


The dog in this video is not quite ready for his owner’s practical joke! He is ready to attack and does not like that his owner is holding what he thinks is a dangerous snake. In reality, it is simply the skin the snake left behind but this poor pooch does not realize it. Make sure you do not miss the ending of the video because it is the most hilarious part!

Poor doggie is clueless the snake skin is not an actual snake. It is hilarious to watch his reaction as the owner comes ever closer with the snake skin. Finally, the dog comes face to face with his foe and has a reaction you have just gotta see! You will laugh until you cry when you see the reactions of this poor dog as he is teased by his owner. After you enjoy the video, Please SHARE on Facebook so others can too.

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