This Paintbrush Illusion Cake Is Full of Rainbow Beauty!


This clever cake video is brought to you by MyCupcakeAddiction. This beautiful cake will make your guests think you have become a master baker. Little will they know, the entire cake was fairly easy to make and is full of delicious rainbow goodness! With the vivid instructions in this video, you will have no trouble making this artistic cake for any special occasion. This would make the perfect birthday cake for your budding artist!

While this cake is more like artwork, it is not difficult to make. Even if you are a novice cake maker, you will find following the steps in this video is fairly easy. Not only is this gorgeous cake decorated with beautiful “paint” drips, the inside is a true rainbow surprise! There is so much beautiful color in this cake, you will love how it turns out! After you learn how to make this cake work of art, Please SHARE on Facebook so others can learn how to make their own masterpiece.