Pair Of Moose Befriend A Polite Cyclist On A Highway


These two moose are walking down the road when they meet a cyclist that is peddling by. At first they just kind of stair at the cyclist and then they begin to walk towards him. The man stands there and looks back at the moose as they look at him. They spot for a second and continue to stare at him.

The man does not know what to do so he gets out of the way and looks back at the, One of the moose comes over and touch the bike. It does not look like the moose are impressed by the bike.

They continue on their way walking down the road. The cyclist just looks on as they walk down the street and do not pay any more attention to them. For the moose it was just another day. For the cyclist it was an interesting experience. All of it was caught on video. Please SHARE in Facebook.