This Pancake Recipe Is Super Yummy and Very Healthy!


Are you ready for a really yummy pancake recipe? If you love pancakes, then you are going to need to pay close attention to this next video. This pancake recipe is unlike any that you have ever heard of. As you will find in the video, the woman is preparing 100% natural banana pancakes that are gluten free!

To prepared this meal, you will need one banana and two eggs. You cannot get simpler than that! Start by cutting the banana up and place it in a mixing bowl. Then add both eggs and stir up everything nicely. Next, place a small amount of coconut oil onto a hot pan. Then cook your mixture just like you would a normal pancake. After they are fully cooked serve and enjoy!

It’s very quick and easy recipe to do which is perfect for busy moms. Please make sure to SHARE this cooking video with your friends and family members on Facebook, so that they too can enjoy this healthy breakfast meal.