Parents Grow Angry When Their Kids Come Home With A Note Instead of Halloween Candy

When kids go trick or treating on Halloween, they expect to get a lot of treats and not so many tricks. In this video, you will learn about a shocking note that was handed out to select children in one neighborhood. When kids started coming home and showing the note to their parents, the parents were outraged! The note was talking about their child being obese and it hurt both parents and kids! This video will likely outrage you just like it did the parents.

Who would have thought anyone could be so mean as to hand out a note to tell kids they are fat on Halloween! As the experts weigh in on this video, it is clear they agree this was not the appropriate way of tackling an issue such as childhood obesity. It is important to let kids be kids and enjoy this special night! After you have watched the video, Please SHARE on Facebook.

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