This Parody Is Super Funny and It Will Have You Cracking Up!


The hit song “Hello” by Adele has been played over and over again on the radio. This has spurred a ton of parodies and the internet is buzzing with them. But one, in particular, has really gotten a ton of attention. This parody stars a mother who sings about the trials of motherhood.

During the video, someone texted her and asked her to go out for a glass of wine. But when she thinks about it, she realizes that she has too much to do to even think about going out. This is a very funny video to watch and if you are a parent you probably can relate to the problems she faces. In the end, she finally gets her glass of wine but there are kids running around all over driving them all crazy. Please make sure to SHARE this fun video with everyone that you know on Facebook. Many of them can probably relate to the parody’s situation.

Brett & Emily Mills