Passengers Help Dying Flight Attendant Say Goodbye in the Most Beautiful Way Possible!


LouAnn was a flight attendant for Southwest Airlines for thirty-four years before cancer began to take away her life and livelihood. Unfortunately, she never got the chance to say goodbye to the airline and the passengers she helped serve for so many years. Thankfully, her brother and the passengers on a Southwest flight helped to ensure she received a goodbye she would never forget. This touching video shows the beautiful responses that were given to LouAnn and her brother.

As LouAnn laid living out her last days, her brother was able to surprise her with something he never thought he would be able to. Not only was he able to share his sister’s life with the passengers on the flight, they shared their love back with him. He received over 96 hand-written notes for LouAnn, each honoring her in a unique way. You will be amazed when you see this special video! After watching, Please SHARE on Facebook so everyone can see!