Passengers Watch in Awe as Dog Boards Bus Alone – Then Look at His Collar and Know It Isn’t His First Time


Seattle has a lot to offer to the regular tourists and locals. As a tourist, you can enjoy your meals from the famous spinning restaurant or enjoy hiking around Mt. Rainier. However, for the dog lovers, here is another reason to visit the beautiful city.

Imagine a dog riding a bus by herself! It sounds unreal but Eclipse is a dog that proves the canines can be strong and independent animals. It is rare to see dogs using public transportation. It is because many dogs are untrained and unexpected events could happen.

Eclipse, however, enjoys riding on the bus. The dog has a bus pass that allows using public transport and it hangs from her collar. She is a regular on the bus and other riders enjoy her company.

The bus riders have nothing but praises for the dog and love to pet her.

Eclipse’s owner does not like the publicity she attracts. Sometimes, the dog gets on the bus without him paying attention. She knows where to get off at the dog park where the owner meets her.