This Pastor Knows What Life Is All About and He Isn’t Afraid to Say So


In this video, Pastor Locke begins to tell the story of a homeless man named Howard. Howard stood every day at the front door of a convenience Store. No, he wasn’t asking for money or bumming cigarettes. He simply stood there with an old shoe box and a worn pencil. Each and every person that walked up to the door was greeted with a hello from Howard. He would even ask their name. Unfortunately, most people walked right past him or gave him angry looks as they went about their business.

In this video, you will hear a story that is sure to bring a tear to your eye. Most of us walk about day in and day out, never realizing what a difference we could make to someone. As Jim found out, he became Howard’s entire world just because he said hello and bought him coffee. To some, you may be the only kindness they ever experience. Do not neglect telling others hello or offering kindness, you never know what a difference you could make in someone’s life!

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Pastor Greg Locke