Pediatric Cancer Patients and Their Families Heal Through a Photo Project


When you watch this video, you need to be prepared for both tears and smiles. This video is a news story featuring coverage of a family who has been going through a health crisis with their young son. Out of the blue, this boy was diagnosed with a painful bone cancer and he spent almost a year in the hospital going through chemo treatments. To overcome the pain and help others, his parents decided to take part in a photo project with four other families. What resulted from their efforts is heart-wrenching and awe-inspiring at the same time!

The photos that were presented in this project will bring tears to your eyes. The intimate moments captured with the lens of the camera will always serve as special memories for the families. Even though some are painful to look at, there are bright spots in the project that bring joy. Please SHARE on Facebook so everyone can see this amazing story.

Fox 9