Penguins Find a Way Out to Play


This adorable video is called “Pingvinflugt i Odense ZOO”, which translated from Danish to English means “Penguin Escape in Odense ZOO”. If you’re a penguin lover, and who isn’t, you’ll really enjoy watching these cut little guys waddle down a long hallway looking for a way out. They seem to be following other penguins’ little footprints in the dust on the floor on their recon mission to find a way out to freedom.

It has been suggested that maybe they’ve seen the major motion picture of a few years ago entitled “The Penguins of Madagascar” way too many times. But hey, what’s a penguin supposed to do in his or her spare time? Watch their favorite movies, of course.
They look like pretty happy healthy penguins, so not sure what they think they’re going to find outside that is better, but they’re sure eager to find out for themselves. They run down the hall, stopping abruptly at a dead end and running back in the other direction, jabbering to each other the whole time.

At the end, you can hear a triumphant little honk as they get to the end and I, for one, hope that it means that they found freedom or at least got to go outside and play in the Danish snow for awhile!
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