People Walk Right By, Not Realizing Seal Is Performing on The Street!


Can you imagine walking down the street and hearing a familiar voice singing, only to realize it was one of your idols? When Seal stepped up to the microphone of a street performer and begin to sing with him, the crowd walking by does not even seem to realize it! This video offers one of the most emotional performances of Seal’s career as he humbly stands with a street performer and sings “Stand By Me”. Even if you are not a fan of Seal’s you will feel this performance deep in your soul!

Jason Deeh Pitre from the band The Scroll is the street performer that is honored to play and sing with Seal. Their two voices blend beautifully together and the haunting emotion in each voice will have you getting chills. If you love good music that does not sound manufactured, then this is the video you will want to watch. Please SHARE on Facebook so all can see!