A Performance of the Song Tonight You Belong To Me From the Lennon Sisters in The Year 1956


There is something that is almost surreal about being able to watch video clips from sixty years ago. The Lennon Sisters in this video could never even have imagined the technology that people are now using in order to view their video six decades later, but the audience for the video is doing just that.

The Lennon Sisters are doing a performance of the song Tonight You Belong to Me. This song seems as vintage as the rest of the clip, which is monochromatic and which was presented on a television show that few people are going to remember today. The Lennon Sisters sing with delicate and high-pitched voices in a distinctly 1950’s style that many people will appreciate. People should please SHARE this video on Facebook, since it is just the sort of vintage video that a lot of people would appreciate, especially if they are history buffs or music buffs.

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