A Performance of the United States Air Force Band at the Smithsonian Museum That Really Delivers


The Smithsonian Museum is not necessarily a place that people associate with musical performances of any kind, let alone musical performances by the United States Air Force Band. However, lots of people do go to seemingly unrelated museums for the sake of musical performances, so the situation is not that unusual. The United States Air Force Band is certainly a talented group of musicians, and they manage to really deliver a fantastic performance here.

The performance starts out slow and deliberate, almost like a military strike. Only a cellist is playing at first. However, soon the other instruments join in, as if they are reinforcements sent to support the music. Soon, the band has created a really memorable performance. People should please SHARE this video on Facebook, since it is certainly very interesting to watch, and there are going to be few performances like it in almost any location throughout the world.

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