Billie Eilish Vitaliy Sings “Lovely” Leaves The Voice Judges Speechless


On stage of the Ukrainian show The Voice, Vitaliy Ox presented himself on a blind audition at the beginning of February and impressed all the judges with his voice.

Especially at the moment when he showed his talent singing high vocal notes!

Vitaliy auditioned at a blind audition of the Ukrainian show The Voice with the new hit “Lovely”, originally performed by popular 18-year-old singer Billie Eilish.

Голос країни,Youtube

According to many commentators, his performance was a real treat, especially when he showed his vocal skills while singing high pitches.

Listen to the wonderful performance of young man Vitaliy Ox as he introduced himself on the stage of the Ukrainian show The Voice with the song “Lovely” by artist Billie Eilish.