This Performer Shows You Should Never Judge a Book By Its Cover!


When Marty Brown takes to the stage of America’s Got Talent, no one is prepared for what they will soon hear! This Kentuckian is a hard-working man who truly loves his wife. She reveals that he did not even know he was coming for the audition. She simply loaded him and his guitar in the car and brought him to his surprise. This video shows his beautiful performance as he sings, To Make You Feel My Love. Written by Bob Dylan, this song will bring a tear to your eye the moment Marty begins performing!

When Marty begins playing and singing, the crowd and his wife are in tears! His touching rendition of this beautiful hit will deeply touch your heart. It is amazing to see this man perform and it is clear to see his talent has been hidden for many years. After you have enjoyed this amazing video, Please SHARE on Facebook so all can enjoy!