A Person Wrongly Parked in a Handicapped Parking Space and Faced a Public Backlash


Many people misuse handicapped parking spaces. They will park in those spaces despite not needing to, and they will usually manage to get away with it. In fact, many people in this situation will specifically park in those spaces because they expect that they’re going to get away with it. It is possible that this person in this video felt that way. Instead, the driver’s car was plastered in light blue, with a huge handicapped symbol on it.

The driver had to clear some of it away in order to drive. An entire crowd gathered around the car, making the driver really feel the gravity of the mistake. This video might send an important message to the public at large about misusing handicapped parking spaces. Many people on Facebook would happily share this video in order to spread its message around more effectively, and also to get a good laugh at the driver in question.