Peruvian Woman Has Thirty-Five Pound Tumor Removed From Her Abdomen!


The young Peruvian woman in this video had a thirty-five-pound tumor on her ovary that had been growing since she was the age of thirteen. She thought she would eventually die from the tumor because her tiny village did not have adequate healthcare services. Thankfully, help arrived and she was able to be brought to the hospital where she would eventually undergo the extensive surgery to remove the giant tumor from her abdomen.

The surgeons at the hospital expect that this young lady will have a 90% chance of a full recovery. She is so excited to be able to have this tumor removed so she will no longer be in pain, have trouble breathing, or have difficulty walking. It is a miracle this tumor did not cause her irreparable damage! What an amazing miracle this surgery was for her. If you wish her a speedy recovery so she can make her dreams come true and attend school, Please SHARE on Facebook.

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