Philanthropist Schlomo Rechnitz Surprises Hundreds of US Soldiers Meals at Airport: at $50 a piece!


Just when you think no one truly appreciates what the U.S. soldiers do – in both their country and around the world – suddenly someone with a very generous heart does something shocking. In this video, you see just how much one man appreciates how much the soldiers give in order to keep his freedom intact. The thoughtful gift? This time, it was a pretty big one… and included about 400 selfless men and women.

While in a Shannon, Ireland airport, businessman and philanthropist Shlomo Rechnitz observed hundreds of soldiers eating their standard army food. At that moment, he felt compelled to get them the same kind of meal as the rest of the airport travelers were enjoying: something delicious in a trendy, appetizing restaurant. So, after clearing it with their commander, Rechnitz stood up in front of the group and announced something really amazing – he was going to pay for each and every soldier to eat in a restaurant, with a budget of $50 each.

I don’t know if that’s a lot for any of you reading this, but to me that’s a huge chunk of change! His announcement led to a whole load of cheers and “thank you”s, of course, but it appears that Mr. Rechnitz is quite a humble man as well. Not wanted to make it a huge deal about it, he ended his announcement with a little humor: he told the soldiers not to worry about it, because he’d just “write it off on his taxes.” What a great guy! The military does so much for us, and they get paid so little. If you’ve ever lost your faith in the generosity of others, you should watch this video, because your faith in human kindness will definitely be restored. Please SHARE this on Facebook.

Reggie H