They Have Been Photographing This Dog For A Year. It’s A Wow Transformation!


Irrespective of the size of a dog, you will always find it to be beautiful.

Even when we are experiencing worse days, they will always find something to make us smile. With time, they end up having a special place in our minds and hearts, even when we meet them for a very short time.

In the video below, we are meeting one lucky German shepherd known as Dunder. I consider him to be lucky since he has fun-loving parents by his side – something most dogs out there miss so much.

His parents have been taking his photos from when he was 8 weeks old to now when he is 1-year-old. Dunder has always been happy from when he was a little pup until know when he is a huge hairy adult dog.

To make that possible, they equip him with tennis balls, sunglasses and there is a furry friend he can play with.

The 40 seconds clip below has summed up the happy dog’s adorable moments and you will enjoy watching it. I hope you liked these parents’ idea of preparing such a video for us to watch.

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