A Physically Disabled Vet Manages to Complete an Extended Warrior Walk


Many of the injured soldiers who have come back from the battlefield manage to astound everyone with the fact that they are still so brave. They were brave to have been there and gone through what they went through in the first place, and they continue to demonstrate their bravery once they return home.

In this video, people will get the chance to watch a veteran who was permanently immobilized as a result of his service to the United States. He cannot move without the aid of an advanced wheelchair. Still, he is a determined individual, as is demonstrated by the fact that he willingly and skillfully completed a warrior walk while suffering from this disability. Situations like this do not change the horror of what veterans will experience even when they are no longer on the battlefield, but it at least demonstrates that they can survive through it. Many people on Facebook would be inspired by this video.

Samuel Cernuto