The Rock Star Pink Performs a Famous Song Onstage With Her Dad in Front of Her Fans


Pink is a rock star who has had a great deal of enduring popularity among the general and the niche public. She gives a speech at the beginning of this video about how her father was her ‘first rock star’ and that he managed to inspire her. It’s a touching moment, and the context changes quickly as soon as it is revealed that Pink’s father is actually there.

He settles on stage to the sound of applause, and the two of them start singing together. The two of them manage to harmonize very well with one another, which isn’t surprising considering the fact that the two of them have probably sung together on multiple occasions previously.

Many musicians rarely acknowledge their families, which makes this moment that much more rare and special. People should please SHARE this video on Facebook, since it is great for fans of Pink and for music fans in general.