Pinto Is a Unique Horse That Likes to Play Dead on a Regular Basis


When you see this video, you might just think the same thing as a contractor that recently visited the property. When he came to warn the owner of the dead horse, she simply laughed and let him know that was Pinto and he was quite the trickster. As the camera zooms in on Pinto, he is lying on his back with all four legs in the air. As his owner tells him to get up, he seems to scream back at her with a big no!

This is a truly fun video to watch. It is hilarious to see the back and forth argument that takes place between Pinto and his loving owner. Pinto refuses to get up for quite some time and his owner says he is embarrassing her with the neighbors. Finally, after much coaxing, Pinto rises to his feet and proves he is very much alive. If this video made you chuckle, make sure you Please SHARE on Facebook for others.

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