Pit Bull Has A Blast Experiencing The Ocean For The First Time


This video features Sweetheart, a Pit Bull who is up for adoption. Her caretakers wanted to get her out of the kennel so she could enjoy some time at the beach for the first time. As she walks across the sand for the first time, you can tell by her face and her pant that she is super excited. Soon, they take her to the water’s edge and she cannot hold back her joy. When you see her enjoying splashing about in the water, you will smile all day long!

Sweetheart is clearly what her name implies! She is so cute to watch and is so full of energy and life. This Pit Bull needs a loving home so she can enjoy days like this with her family. This video proves Pit Bulls are gentle creatures that are given a bad rap. To help Sweetheart find a loving home, Please SHARE on Facebook today.

The Dodo

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