This Pit Bull Is A Hide-And-Seek Master!


Tank is a Pit Bull who absolutely loves playing hide-and-seek with his owner. In this video, his owner is hiding and he was sent to find her. The video is so cute because of the expression on his adorable face once he is successful. They play this game all the time and Tank has become quite the master of hide-and-seek!

The coloration of this dog is absolutely beautiful and you will love seeing him play the game and win. This short little video is guaranteed to make you smile so those who are having a bad day are urged to watch! Sweet dog videos like this one banish the bad day blues! This hilarious video proves dogs are more intelligent than we think and they can smell us better than we can them so they will always win at hide-and-seek. If this video makes you laugh, do not forget to Please SHARE on Facebook.

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