Pit Bull Rescued Boy As Much As He Rescued Her!

When you watch this video, get out the tissues because the tears might flow. The little boy featured in this video has autism and was non-verbal. He had a very difficult time communicating his needs and interacting with the world around him. When his mom found out about an injured and abused Pit Bull puppy, she had no idea this little dog would change her son’s life forever!

Seeing the two of them together is amazing to watch. Once Xena came on the scene, the little boy began to speak and, to his parent’s amazement, even read and do things for himself he once would not even attempt. They saved her from a life of abuse but she saved them even more! These two are going to be best friends for life! After you have watched this amazing Pit Bull video, Please SHARE on Facebook to raise awareness about this special breed.

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