Pit Bulls Approaches Innocent Baby Chicks, Then Something Sweet Ensues… WOW!


Get ready for one of the cutest moments ever- it’s about a pit pull who has mastered the trick of making a precious connection with the unexpected companions. As reported by Animal Planet, he is a type who enjoys playing with friends – she never discriminates when it comes to friendship. She has the ability of playing the role of a nursemaid and her reaction towards chicks shows that.

I feared the worst when the door of the coup was opened, but I was wrong when I kept on watching. She checks on all the chicks and becomes a bit curios when she sees the baby turkey who is not moving around like the chicks. She shows that pit bulls can be docile, companionable, fun-loving, gentles, patient and playful.

It was such a good sight when the chicks hopped onto her back as a way of saying “Hello friend.” Have you ever come across a dog who behaves in a similar manner or has a similar relationship when around turkeys or baby chicks? Kindly let us know by commenting below and remember to SHARE the clip with your Facebook friends!

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