Pitbull Puppy Refuses To Give Up On Working Out With The Big Dogs


Bandit is his name and he is one of the most adorable puppies you have ever seen! Because the pack of dogs is on quarantine, their owners cannot take them for walks so it is time for home gym workouts. This little pup sees one of the big dogs walking on the treadmill and he wants to join him so badly! Each time he tries to get up on the treadmill, he ends up sliding off but he refuses to give up!

As “Eye of the Tiger” is playing, you will see the little pup’s courage grow stronger and stronger. His determination to get on the treadmill allows him to finally see success, even if only for a short amount of time. It is so sweet to see him fall off and each time get up to try some more. He does not care how many times he fails! Watch this funny video and Please SHARE on Facebook.