Pizza Delivery Guy Perfectly Belts Out “My Way” For America’s Got Talent


Sal Valentinetti is a pizza delivery guy that lives in New York. This video showcases his audition on America’s Got Talent. Sal admits he hopes to do something much greater than delivering pizzas for the rest of his life. His goal is to become a singer so he can bring back the old musical stylings of the great Frank Sinatra and Dean Martin. When you hear this man sing, you will not believe how much he sounds like Frank as he sings “My Way”.

Sal is determined to do it his way and he does it so well! The voice coming out of his mouth does not seem like it would fit with the tough guy exterior he has. Heidi is so overwhelmed by Sal’s performance, she decides to push that golden buzzer and make his dreams come true. This is the kind of moment dreams are made of! Check out his amazing performance and Please SHARE on Facebook.