Pizza Monkey Bread Is So Delicious You Might Have To Make A Double Batch


If you have ever eaten monkey bread, you know how truly delicious it can be! This bread features little nuggets of bread that can be formed into a sweet or savory bread dish. In this video, Gemma Stafford is making a savory monkey bread that looks so delicious, you will want to devour it! This bread is full of pepperoni, cheese, and fresh basil. It is the perfect dish for your holiday get together.

This video shows you how truly easy it is to make this monkey bread for your family. Once it has been baked, everyone can come together and pull off a piece of the cheesy bread to enjoy. This monkey bread recipe is so delicious, you may just find you need to make more than one pan so your family won’t run out so quickly. When you bite into these little nuggets of deliciousness, you won’t be able to stop eating! Watch and do not forget to Please SHARE on Facebook.