Pizza Shop Owner Pays It Forward By Feeding The Homeless Over 10,000 Slices Of Pizza


This video shows a pizza shop in New York that is making a huge difference in the lives of the homeless population in their area. Rosa’s is a pizza shop that sells slices of pizza for only a dollar. One day, a customer asked could he pay for a slice of pizza for someone. That started a big chain of events that has led to over 10,000 pieces of pizza being sold. Those who are in need simply come up and grab a Post-It note and redeem it for their pizza.

Can you imagine the difference this has made in the lives of those living on the streets? To have a hot meal at least one time a day has to mean so much to them! Now, the bulletin board at Rosa’s is covered in Post-It notes so anyone can come in and eat, even if they cannot afford the dollar. What an awesome idea! Check it out and Please SHARE on Facebook so this pay it forward idea can spread.