Plane Gets Too Close For Comfort As It Skims Over The Heads Of Beachgoers


This video is rather shocking and something you will have to see to believe! On this island, there is very little room to land an airplane but that isn’t stopping this pilot! As the crowd of beachgoers looks on, the plane comes in dangerously close and skims right over the tops of their heads, in an attempt to land on the small landing strip on the island. Can you imagine how it must have felt feeling the tremendous force right over the top of you?

This pilot was truly cutting it close when he zoomed over their heads! Luckily, no one was hurt in the landing! The locals on this island must be accustomed to this happening from time to time because it does not seem to phase them in the least. Most people would at least be a little nervous but they all stand there and embrace it! If you think this plane would frighten you, Please SHARE on Facebook.

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