Police Officer Breaks Car Windows To Save Pit Bull Trapped In A Hot Car


As the warmer months approach, you may start to hear people warn pet owners not to leave their pets in the car — especially with the windows all the way up — on a hot day. Some don’t realize that even when it is only 70 degrees Fahrenheit outside, the interior of a vehicle can become 104 degrees in just half an hour.

However, even when warned, pet owners still fail to listen. We still hear sad stories of pets and even infants and young children being left in vehicles on sweltering days, some of which are lucky to come out alive. One filmed incidence reminds us that leaving our furry (or scaled, feathered, etc.) friends in the car is a very serious situation that can potentially become a tragedy. The story also reminds us of how amazing our police officers are.

So, in the viral video, one police officer wasted no time breaking into a silver car without a second thought when a pit bull was locked inside with the windows completely rolled up. The officer chipped open a tiny window on the side of the right passenger seat, manually unlocked the door, and guided the overheated canine out of the vehicle.