Police Officer Breaks Window And Saves Overheated Dog’s Life


The dog in this video would have died had it not been for the police officer who saw him. He heroically punched the window so he could get the dog out. The dog’s unscrupulous owners had left him in a car with the windows rolled completely up. The temperatures inside were well over 100 degrees and the poor dog was near death. When the officer pulled the dog out of the car, it was panting so hard it could barely breathe!

The officer worked tirelessly to cool the dog down with fresh water and sponges. Thankfully, the officer got there when he did or the dog would not have been alive when his owners returned to the car. This poor little guy can now be placed in a loving home where he will be taken care of. This video serves as a warning all over the world. Never leave an animal in a hot car! Please SHARE on Facebook to warn others.

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