Police Officer Includes An Unexpected Gift When Giving A Ticket To A Man Down On His Luck


We have all been through periods of time where we were down on our luck and nothing seemed to go right no matter how hard we tried. The man in this video was going through such a time when he was pulled over by a police officer because his registration had expired. Unfortunately, the man was working hard to support his family and had not had the money to pay for the registration. Although the officer issued him a citation, there was a surprise inside!

When the man opened the ticket, he could not believe what was inside. When you see this video it will truly touch your heart and you will be amazed by this officer’s kindness and generosity. With the money, he was able to take care of his registration and his wife’s so they could legally drive. After you view this video, Please SHARE on Facebook so others can honor this officer.

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